Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Summer Learning Journey

Today I started the Summer Learning Journey which is an activity you can do in the holidays. You can win prizes such as, technology, prize packs etc. The first activity was to choose one of the countries that were given, make a blog post which has the name of your country and at least 2 reasons why you would go there. The country I chose was Canada because it would be fun for it to snow and because the 2 main languages they speak is English and French and I think it would be fun to learn French and be bilingual.


  1. G'day Jack!

    Welcome to the Summer Learning Journey. I am so excited to see that you have joined us this holiday. It's awesome!

    I am also really excited that you have chosen to visit Canada, my home country. It is a very special place. I was actually talking to my mom this morning and she lives in Ottawa, Canada. Apparently it was -21 last night and they are expecting a huge snow storm to hit the area any minute. Poor mom!

    I think that you will really enjoy learning about the people, weather and culture of Canada over the next few days. The programme runs until Friday so please hop on and blog as much as you can over the next few days! I'll check back in soon to see how you're doing :)


  2. Hi Jack
    Like you, I also chose Canada. I learnt a lot about Canada and I found out it is a amazing country! Nice job Jack.