Friday, 5 August 2016

Place Value House

L.I To use place value to solve equations
This is a screenshot of my place value house. We had to work out the answer by using addition and subtraction. Today I had to think of a question to answer by using place value in addition and subtraction. The thing I found hard was using subtraction to answer my question but eventually I worked it out.


  1. Cool post on place value houses. How do you use the place value house to subtract numbers? I think I get it from your picture, but a little bit of explanation about what's happening on the arrows.

  2. Cool post on place values, Jack. How do you subtract using the place value houses? I think I get it from the arrows on your diagram, but a small description might help.

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  4. Hi Jack I like how you borrowed the numbers. I also learnt a lot from you're post. Thank you Jack =) The only thing I found difficult to understand was the 0 in the tens column