Thursday, 11 May 2017

Measurements Around The Class

L.I: To measure lengths using non-standard measurements.

This week for maths, we learnt about measuring objects, with smaller objects. We had to make a ruler with marks on it, for the length of the object, and repeat that to the very end of the paper. We would make to rulers, and each ruler had to be measured in a different object. We then chose five objects to measure using our rulers, and keep track of what we measured, the dimension, what size it was, and the measuring unit.

Measured objectDimensionSizeMeasuring unit
Steel BenchWidth55+Cube Ruler
Plastic ChairHeight16+Cube Ruler
Grey TableWidth23, 1 inch+Cube Ruler
Purple TableDepth13+Cube Ruler
Cube ChairHeight8, 1 inch+.Cube Ruler

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