Thursday, 15 December 2016

Writing: Narrative

LI: to write an information report / explanation about your Flight self inquiry task.
This week for writing we had to either write an Information Report, Explanation or a Narrative. We had to follow our plan we made and the text had to be about a rocket, plane, bird etc.

The Boeing Disaster

Cyron Mill was a man with happy life and had just applied to work for Boeing Commercial Airplanes to test fly the Boeing 737-700 to see if it can fly to be used for migration. Cyron got the deal of getting the price of the plane if he manages to fly from Riverstone forest back to the Boeing Commercial Airplanes take-off station.
‘You do remember Riverstone forest has had a couple of, weird unexplained things that have happened there, are you sure you want to do this?’ the Boeing Commercial Airplanes owner explained.
‘I’m sure I want to do this, because I need the money to pay both my bills and also my grandparents rent.’ Cyron replied
‘Well ok then, good luck.’ the owner replied.

Cyron went inside the 737-700 at the Boeing Commercial Airplanes take-off station and got ready to fly to Riverstone forest. Cyron was then in the air and he looked back at the take-off station were he saw his boss waving at him. Cyron had been flying for about an hour now until he saw his fuel was running out, he landed safely without damaging the plane but hit his head on controls and got knocked out. Cyron woke up at night and saw these never seen creatures coming towards him. Cyron picked up his phone and shone the light on the creatures, and the light scared the creatures away. Cyron woke up that morning with an empty stomach, so he tried to find something to eat. He had some string in the plane so he grabbed that and tied a rock and a branch together to make a spear. He then wondered around to try to find an animal like a deer or a lizard. After a couple of minutes Cyron stumbled across a deer, he hid down in a bush and waited for the deer to come closer so he could throw the spear. After a minute of waiting the deer came close enough for Cyron to throw the spear, and he threw the spear and now had breakfast. He cooked the deer on a fire and set off to explore. Cyron was walking around until he found a cave with a rope hanging down, Cyron climbed down and used his phone for a guide of where he was going. He kept walking until he saw a fuel tank next to a dead body, Cyron thought to himself, ‘Someone else must have crashed here too?’ It was a mystery to never be solved, Cyron picked up the fuel tank until one of those creatures lurked out of the darkness, Cyron shone the light on the creature but it didn’t affect it. So Cyron grabbed the fuel tank and climbed back up the rope and ran back to the plane.

Cyron refilled the 737-700 with fuel and started it up, he flew back to the Boeing Commercial Airplanes take-off station with no problems or difficulties and safely landed. Cyron got paid the plane price and could pay all his bills, the Boeing 737-700 got used for migration and the Boeing Commercial Airplanes got very popular and was then known all around the world.


  1. Hi jack
    I like your narrative because it has a twist in the plot when he lands on the island and he sees weird beasts. Plus it also keeps to he theme of migration.

  2. Hi Jack,

    I enjoyed reading your posts and this story.
    I learned a lot from the story and it was fun to see education from different countries.