Friday, 1 April 2016

My Easter Holiday

My Easter Holiday 

 This Easter holiday I went to my cousin’s house for Easter. It was Easter Sunday and I was so desperate to go, I was hoping my cousin had permission to stay at our house for the night. Unfortunately she couldn’t, we brought our iPads this time because last time when we didn’t and we got bored.

 So when we got there we went straight to my cousin Macy’s hut she made and we went on her Minecraft (PE-Pocket Edition) world. Her world was a world I would want to live in. She had a nice modern house, a nice pool, and best of all, she had the best barbecue I had ever seen. I thought to myself that I should steal her idea and put it in my own world. Eventually I got bored on her world so I played some minigames. I went on the server Hypixel and played Simon Says, but this Simon says is different from the original game. This one had traps like lava floor. That command is when the floor will start to change colour until it turns into lava!

 It was fun at my cousin Macy’s house. I’m hoping she can stay at my house during the school holidays. If she can’t come I’ll be going to her house to stay.

The End

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