Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Lost Go Animate

Lost Go Animate


  1. Hi Jack,

    I like your Go Animate because it has different scenes and different voices. My class have been using Go Animate in their reading programme. They love choosing the different characters and scenes. Here is Sky's Go Animate Presentation
    How did you make the bunny? Why did you choose those characters or topic to make your Go Animate? How long did it take you to make it?

    Keep up the great learning,

    Miss Paton

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    2. Hi Miss Paton. Thank you for commenting on my blog.I didn't make the bunny I actually chose it out of the characters I could choose.I chose the two bunny's because the design made me laugh.It took about 6 minutes to animate it all.Thank you for putting Sky's animation,I will watch it eventually.The comment makes me feel happy,thank you for putting it on.It helps me feel happier instead of sad because my mum is going to hospital. :)