Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My camping holiday

In the christmas holidays me my dad & my brother went camping.I was really excited so when I knew we were there I raced right out of the car and said YES! with excitement.So we got all the gear and headed for a spot to camp.While dad was setting up the tent my brother Latham and I went into the river and played on the rocks.Then dad finished the tent so we got into our togs & went for a swim.After the swim we went on the opposite side of the river and went for a walk in the water.When it got deep we stopped because it was so cold that we would freeze but we had to do it so I counted down 3 2 1 and I jumped in & swam to land.Then it got shallower and I could stand up.We ended our walk in water at the beach which is a very long way.We went back there at night to chatc some flounders but we couldn’t find any.But then Latham saw an eel so we got out the net & caught it.Eels are really smart because if you put them on land it will find its way into water.Then we headed back to camp & went to sleep.In the morning we were planing to go to a waterfall but first we went for a swim in the river.Then we headed to the waterfall which is a very long walk.When we got there the water was cold & clear.when it got dark we got out the gas cooker & to toast marshmallows &went to bed.I enjoyed camping & I hope I can come back soon.

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  1. I'm so glad you had a great time camping Jack