Friday, 25 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Day 2 : Week 2 | Activity 2

Today I completed the second activity for day 2 of week 2 for the Summer Learning Journey. For this activity, we needed to think of someone that we think is tough and strong, and what they mean to us. The person that I chose was my mum. She isn't strong physically, although she is never scared to have a say, she puts up with many things every day, and she has gone through many ups and downs, and has always kept a smile. She cares for me, and the rest of my family. She does everything to make sure there is food on my plate, I am healthy, and that I get plenty of rest every night. I love my mum, and i'm so happy that I have her.


  1. Hello Jack,
    I love your meaningful piece of writing about your mother, and how you love her so much. It is very nice to hear that you get a plate of food and a proper nights sleep, along with love from her. I am very grateful for my mother, and for the rest of my family because they always take care of me and make sure there is always a smile on my face.

    Make sure to work fast as the SLJ ends at 12 midnight :).

    Happy Blogging
    Gargee HPS
    (Work fast, at 12 midnight the SLJ ends!)

  2. Hi Jack!

    That is lovely that you think of your Mum as a strong person - I do too!
    My Mum also worked really hard and long hours when I was growing up and I will forever be thankful to her for how strong she was :)

    Do you do special things for your Mum to show her your appreciation?
    I am sure she would love hearing how strong you think she is - that is an amazing compliment! :)
    I hope you showed her this post?

    Mums are pretty amazing people aye - I am glad that you have lots of love for yours! :)

    Nga mihi,
    Ellee :)