Thursday, 13 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5 | BONUS ACTIVITY

For day fives bonus activity for the Winter Learning Journey, we were asked a question whether we would ever want to ride across the Otago Rail Trail one day. Once we say whether we would or wouldn't, we have to say why / why not.

My Answer: I would like to ride across the Otago Rail Trail one day.
Reason: It's a good exercise, and gets me out of the house doing something physical.


  1. Hey Jack!

    It's great to see you'd be willing to take on the challenge of biking the 150km trail! It would be lots of fun, especially doing it with friends or family.

    Nice work!

    Nicky :)

  2. Hi Jack. I would also like to cycle there. I like your reason behind why you would cycle there. I wonder how long it would take to finish the whole trail, because it is a 150 km long. Keep on working hard.

  3. Hello Jack
    It would definitely be good exercise and yeah, it would be good to get out of the house. I spend too much of my time there! Well done.

  4. Hi Jack
    I too would want to ride across the trail. Do you think that you'd race me to see who'd get to the end first?
    Great work

    1. Hi Alex.
      Good question, if I had to answer that question in my opinion, I think you'd finish first. =D Well that may depend on the bike I use, if my bike I ride now, I probably wouldn't win. Thanks for spending some time to check my blog.

      - Jack

  5. Hello Jack, I would also like to go to the Otago Rail Trail. You are right and it would be good exercise. Did you know that the Otago Rail Trail is 150kms long?