Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 3 | Activity 2

For the second activity of day three for the Winter Learning Journey, we had to make a blog-post about we agree that we should kill all pests, and give at least three reasons why.

Do I Agree On This? Answer: Yes, I do, but not completely.

Reason 1: Pests kill a lot of endangered animals up to extinction.

Reason 2: Pests are very dangerous things, they don't only attack animals or other small things, but also can attack us.

Reason 3: They do more than just kill small things, they can do other things too that do not help.


  1. Hi Jack
    I think pests like possums should be killed because they are (Like you said) a threat to the native animals of New Zealand. You did a amazing job on this activity. Well done.

  2. Hi Jack. Like Daniel, I think pests like possums should be killed. They do a lot of harm to our native plants and animals. Hopefully we achieve our goal which is predator free by 2050. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Jack
    Nice reasons! I like how you said that they can do more than just killing things. Do you think the pests are just trying to survive like many other predators?
    Great work

  4. Hello Jack, I also think possums should be killed. The destroy the environment and kill our native animals. Keep up the outstanding work.