Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey: Day 5 | Activity 1

For the first activity of day 5 for the Winter Learning Journey, we had to pretend that we got lost in a New Zealand Forest. We have to write 8-10 sentences at least about what we would feel, think.

I've just lost my group in a mysterious forest, and I don't know what to do. I don't know whether someone in my group will notice i'm gone very soon. There are bugs and animals everywhere, and I think I've had about 4 of them crawl up my back. I can hear lots of birds chirping from the trees above, but I think there's something else up there peering down at my existence. It's getting darker and I really hope someone will eventually find me. It's now 7:37 PM and I'm getting really scared that I'll stay lost for the next DAY! I need to find shelter sooner or later otherwise I'll get too cold. I think someone is near, I've been shouting at them and they're coming towards me. I hope it's my group.


  1. Hi Jack. Great story. I like how you have used punctuation like commas and exclamation marks. I also like how you have wrote in your blurb what you had to do for this activity. Keep up the fabulous work, you have been posting.

  2. Hello Jack
    Good job on this activity. I really like the part in your story when you wrote: but I think there's something else up there peering down at my existence. It's a great sentence. Keep up the amazing work.

  3. Hi Jack
    Nice story! I like how you said that bugs have crawled up your back. Do you think that Curious Kiwi was worried?
    Great work

  4. Hello Jack, I really like how you have used different types of punctuation. You really hooked me in with your story. Keep up the fabulous work.