Thursday, 16 August 2018

HIIT: Term 3 Week 4 | Session 2

Today, we had the second session of HIIT for week 4 of term 3. The reason as to why I did not publish a blogpost earlier is because I did not take part in the session. That's because I was sick. Although Monday is not what we are talking about. We're talking about today's session. Today we had only two exercises opposing to four. Our two exercises were push ups, and star jumps. We did at least six sets of each exercise. The session ran for at least 20 minutes, and we all had a lot of fun doing it.

Monday, 6 August 2018

HIIT: Week 3 | Session 1

Today, we had our first session for the third week of HIIT for term 2. For today's session, our exercises were high knee sprints, tap step, mountain climbers, and start jumps. We did this rotation in 4 lines of five, and ended up doing it at least 6 times each. We would do each exercise for 20 seconds, and have a 10 second break. This session of HIIT, we definitely managed to get puffed, as that is the goal for this whole program. Constantly, we were energised, and hard working to push our limits, and improve our previous records. I don't know what our next exercises will be, but I hope we will get just as energised.

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Inquiry: Current Events | Pou Whenua Poles, The 1975 Maori Land March, and The Bastion Point Occupation

This week, we have been learning about New Zealand current events. These are events such as the Maori land march, and the Bastion Point Occupation. But our main focus was on Pou Whenua poles. If you don't know what they are, they are sort of like totem poles, although there are quite a few differences between the two. Pou Whenua poles are carved wooden pillars, that tell stories, and are used by Maori culture to mark territorial boundaries. There were two specific activities to do with this information, although for now I can only show one of the two. One activity that we had done with Pou Whenua Poles was to create a Venn Diagram comparing them to Totem Poles. All of these activities had to be done with a partner. So without any hesitation, Sanujan and I quickly made a pair. In the end, Sanujan and I finished these activities just in time before the deadline.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Inquiry: Career Questionnaire

Today, each and every one of us in LS2 took a quick questionnaire to see what career we could possibly do in our future. We used a website named Career Quest, to take the test. In this test, you will have answered 78 questions asking how interested you would be in doing a certain topic as a job. The test takes around 15 - 20 minutes, and gives you a series of careers depending on your answers. Next we would chose one of the careers that we liked, and share your thoughts with someone with the same results. There were quite a few careers that did interest me, but one that I am still passionate about doing is an Animator/Digital Artist. Sanujan and I ended up with the same results, so we looked around the website for some facts about the job, and how well the payroll is. Finally, we would share to the class the career we chose, and the pay it goes for a year. This was an interesting task for us, although we will be revisiting this task at the end of today.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

HIIT: Week 1 | Session 2

Today, we had our second session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for the first week of term 3. You may remember that we did this last term, and now it has come across to the following term. To start this term off, we began by going over our original rotation. But now we have gotten creative. Today we all chose a series of activities to put into the rotation. In the end we settled with star jumps, tap step, and high knee sprint. Next, each and everyone of us would get into lines of five where we would attempt to be in sync with everyone in front of us. For this, we would do an exercise for 30 seconds, and have a 30 second break. This would continue in the rotation that we chose for ourselves. This went on for roughly 15 minutes. Breaks included. We also had Mataio and Tiava the amazing people that they are, demonstrate the rotation, and a few warm ups. This session of HIIT was a lot of fun. The reason being that it was better to have a variety of different exercises for different muscles rather than just working on our legs, or arms. Hopefully the next session will have even more exercises, and even more challenges.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

My Term Two Holidays: Recap

For the last two weeks, our school has been having our term 2 winter holiday. Whilst we did needed to have a holiday away from school, we were also given a small challenge. That being two post 3 blogposts about our holidays at any point being, as long as we completed it during the holidays. There will be a link to those two other posts if you would like to check them.

Week 1:
During this week I mainly stayed around home for the whole of the week. There were times were we would do something a family, but most of our plans were set for week 2.

Week 2: During this week, me and other family members visited the amazing Rotorua. We were there for 3 days, and had a lot of fun. Day one was placing everything into the hotel. Day 2 was visiting Skyline to do the Luge, and the Zipline. Finally on day 3, we stayed around the hotel for a bit, and left.

Week 1 Post:

Week 1 Post:

My Term Two Holidays: Week 2

For the last two weeks, our school has been having our term 2 winter holiday. Whilst we did needed to have a holiday away from school, we were also given a small challenge. That being two post 3 blogposts about our holidays at any point being, as long as we completed it during the holidays.

Week 2:
This week has definitely been a lot better. As of Tuesday me and some other family members took a trip to Rotorua. We visited there for 3 days, from Tuesday to Thursday. The biggest highlight of the trip had to be visiting SkyLine, and doing the Luge, and the Zipline. We spent the whole of Wednesday there, going through each attraction together. We were there for the whole day, and only made it back home at around 6 o'clock in the afternoon. Then came the final day, we left to go home at 12.00 (The time where we needed to check out), and made it home at about 8 o'clock at night! That day, we didn't do anything exciting, as we rather just chilled out for the last few hours at the hotel. I had a really fun time at Rotorua, I wonder when we will be able to revisit the amazing things that we did there.

My Term Two Holidays: Week 1

For the last two weeks, our school has been having our term 2 winter holiday. Whilst we did needed to have a holiday away from school, we were also given a small challenge. That being two post 3 blogposts about our holidays at any point being, as long as we completed it during the holidays.

Week 1:
My first week of the holidays was an extra long weekend for me. Pretty much I would stay around the house, and chill out. I would occasionally do something out of the house, but we had already set all of our plans for the following week. This isn't the most interesting post, as there wasn't anything interesting that happened during the first week of the holidays. Although this was a boring post, the following post for the next week will be a better post with a more interesting topic.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Maths: M&M's Presentation

Last week, we were given a small challenge. Our challenge was to collaboratively work with a group to produce a presentation about the chocolate lollies M&M's. We were assorted into groups for this task, so I was put with Mele, Fraidon, Junior, and Jaydon. To start this all off, we had to do some statistical work. First each and every one of us would make a prediction how many M&M's we thought were inside of a 45g packet. Next we would vote on which M&M colour was our favourite. This could be because it looked appealing to the eye, or maybe you have only tasted one colour. Whatever the reason, we all made our votes. Next we would go onto finding our results. As a group, we would open and sort out a packet of M&M's, and place each colour in a vertical line to make a bar graph with only M&M's. Although what would we do with the M&M's later? There is only one way, eat them. Now with our chocolate filled mouths we would begin bringing this all together. Using this data that we had collected, we would all create a pie chart, and a bar graph showing what we found. We would then place the two onto the google presentation. Next we had to go surfing through the internet to make a brief history on M&M's. This would then be prepared onto the presentation in bullet points. If you thought that was it, then you'd be wrong, as now we were asked to find a lists of interesting facts based on M&M's.Many people found many different facts. So many, that we eventually had the same ones. Finally, we ended it all off by comparing our data to what the MARS company (The founders of M&M's) had to say about how many of each colour they put into a packet. What we needed to do was use our findings of data to compare what they say about their packets, to what we got.

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Poetry: The Inchcape Rock Poem | Specific Verse

This week, we had another session of poetry. Although this week is very different from every other week as we instead had Mr Johnston and Ms Mclain rather than our normal teachers. Although this post isn't about the teachers, as it is instead about the poetry. This week, we have read a poem named The Inchcape Rock. It is a very old, yet very good poem created in the 1800's, and our task for this week was to choose a specific verse, and explain what it means, and add a picture. (Although with only the two my DLO didn't look that good so I also added a slot for more complicated words that some people may not understand). The verse that I had chosen was the 9th verse of the poem, and in this verse, it explains about the inchcape bell sinking down to the bottom of the ocean.

Friday, 22 June 2018

DigiTech: Week 4 | Finishing Our Animated Stories

Today, we had our fourth session of DigiTech. In this session, we needed to complete our animated story that we started in week 2. This story is an example of an animated story that I recreated using Scratch. If I could do this task again, I wouldn't change a thing about it, as I am really happy with the turnout, and it's comparison to other peoples work.

The components used to recreate this story include:

Sprites (For Characters).
Backdrops (For backgrounds).
Dialogue (So sprites can speak to each other).

The codes that I used to recreate this story include:

  • Event scripts (To begin the story). 
  • Event scripts (To start the next sequence).
  • Look scripts (To allow the sprites to talk). 
  • Look scripts (To change the backdrops).
  • Control scripts (To put pauses into our animation).
  • Motion (To move the sprites).

Thursday, 21 June 2018

HIIT: Session 2 of Week 4

Today, we had our second session of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) for this week. Last week, our exercises were split squats, split squat pulses, slit squat jump, and star jumps. Although for this week we had completely new exercises. This week for our exercises we did squats, push ups, and bar pull ups. Another different thing about this weeks sessions were that we were set in a rotation. You see, there wasn't enough bars for the bar pull ups, so what we did was get into a group of six, and in this group everyone would have a partner. You and your partner would stay at one station for a whole 80 seconds, so both of you would have 40 seconds to do that exercise. Next you would more to another station and do the same thing. I had a lot fun this week for HIIT, and have no clue what we will be doing next week. Hopefully something as awesome as this week.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Tech: DigiTech Project - Initial Planning

Today we had our third session of DigiTech. In this session, we were to complete the following tasks:

Context Brainstorm
Conceptual Statement - To Be Completed Next Week
Planning Timeframes

Although before we began working on any of those tasks, we first started off with a Kahoot to refresh our memory with what we will be doing whenever we visit DigiTech. Following that, we moved onto our tasks for this session. We started off by creating a Content Brainstorm. The purpose of the Content Brainstorm is to show nearby locations in Tamaki that we could add into an animated story. Next came the Conceptual Statement. The purpose of the Conceptual Statement is to explain why we are creating this animated story, and what our main target of age groups are. Finally, the Planning Timeframe. The purpose as to why we have done the Planning Timeframe is to sort our different tasks into groups of topics when it comes to showing what we are doing. For example, Planning, Researching, and Evaluating. It also includes the estimated time as to how long it took for us to complete a certain task.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

KiwiCan | Week 7

Today at 9:15, group A visited room 7 to have our week 7 session of KiwiCan. Again, our Value has changed. It was previously about Role Modules, although it has now changed to Accountability. The definition of Accountability is to show responsibility to your actions, and be honest, and show integrity. But what does Accountability look like for Panmure Bridge School. As a class, we talked abut it, and we think that it means to come to school prepared. (Bringing a charged computer, coming to school on time, and being an Agent Of Change). After KiwiCan, we right away have KiwiSport. So it is also important to bring your P.E gear, and deodorant. Coming to school early to school when we have tech, and managing ourselves when it comes to finishing work. After a small chat about what Accountability is, we moved onto a few games. As this weeks energiser, we played a game called Copy Me. To play this game, you will get into 4 even groups. Next you will choose a leader to represent your group. This person will run to either of our KiwiCan teachers, Mr Matt and Miss Lily. Then they will give you a playing card. With this card you will run back to your group, and say the card. Next you will do a specific action according to the type of card. On the white board, there will be a list of actions to do, followed by a number. If the number on your card matched one of the numbers on the board, then you and your group would have to do the action next to your number. This was a fun activity, although the next one just happened to be even better. Our next activity was called Two Truths, One Lie. In this game, you will come up with three scenarios. Two of which must be true, while the remaining one must be a lie. Although the twist was that these all have to be about you. Not everyone got a turn in this activity, but I was lucky enough to be able to participate. The three scenarios I chose was, I once stole a lolly when I was 3, I have broken at least 1 bone, and I have never left the North Island of New Zealand. Can you guess which one was a lie? The answer is that I have NEVER broken a bone, meaning that the second scenario was FALSE. We then finished off the lesson with a round of GKQ. The game of General Knowledge. To play everyone get's into a circle, and will battle against someone with their brain. They will be asked a question, and the first to answer correctly would win.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Maths: Money Problem

Today for maths we were to find the salary all 7 people got. We could work independently or with a peer for this task so I decided to work with Sanujan. Now let’s get to the learning part. Firstly we were to read the question, and use the hints in the question to find the answer. The trick to this was start solving from the bottom. We know that Melissa had $49, and it said Liz received 7 times LESS than Melissa. So what we did was 49 divided by 7 which is $7. This was the first step we did. You can look at the rest of our DLO to see the rest of our working out.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

CARE Awards - Silver: Attitude | Represent The School At An Outside Function

For my first challenge for my Silver Attitude CARE Award, I noticed a blogpost I could create as a part of my challenges. Represent the school at an outside function. I found this one quite challenging, as I couldn't think of anything I could do for this. Although after a bit of thinking, I remembered just one thing I could do. The Someday Workshop that I had taken part in. I have already done a blogpost for this Here, although with this blogpost, I will add a bit more detail. As I got across in the previous post about this, I missed school because of this, and visited Mount Smart Stadium to make a movie. I was the only one from Panmure Bridge School doing this, and this was also my first time doing it, so I wasn't the most confident person there. It started off by testing our imagination. Everyone participating would grab a cardboard card from off the floor, and explain to everyone else why they chose that specific card. Maybe the colours, the name, but most importantly, what ideas you could come up with the card. The card I had chosen was asking for help. I had chosen this card from the first thing that popped into my head when seeing it. Now I knew that after all of this prepping up, that we would begin filming with a group, so I instantly came up with a movie idea. I thought of a young child, with dyslexia. He would struggle with learning, and never fit in. That he would get help by someone, allowing him to face his fears, and appreciate who he is. I thought this would be a good, but complex idea. Although to my surprise, it was the idea my group went with. We then spent the rest of the day (2 and a half hours) filming it, and having at least an hour to edit it. The time was set, and so we began. We started by getting our equipment. In the end we used my camera as a secondary view, another persons camera as the main camera, and a microphone for the voicing over I would do. Next came our roles, Faith and Miranda as the camera operators, Faith also as the editor, Lucy as a main character, and finally me, as Sam, the dyslexic kid. We all had a lot of fun working on this movie together, and getting to know each other. With every scene came a series of laughter, joy, and getting along. Although after hours of movie making, we were done. It then came to screening the movies. It started with a movie about a kid who got bullied, followed by a movie about a kid who never ate his fruit, and finally, our movie came. We were glad that best was saved for last. As much as we enjoyed our movie, the other movies were enjoyable to watch just as much. This was an amazing opportunity that I was given, and I hope to do something like this again.

Outlook For Someday Website: Here
Image result for outlook for someday logo

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Maths: Fractions Extension

This week for maths, as an extension to our main task, we were also asked to in addition with solving a problem about cinema attendance, to solve a problem about how many students there are in a classroom, and the amount of people of specific ages. This was a really exciting activity, as it sounded like a real challenge. For this task, I worked with Sanujan, and we finished this in a relatively small amount of time. All of our work can be explained in the DLO.

Maths: Cinema Attendance By Age

Today for maths, we were to start and complete two different tasks. The first task was about Cinema Attendance by age group. For this task we were to find a partner or work individually to solve a few questions. So I've decided to work with Sanujan. Before we could start reading the questions we were to have a look at the line graph that had the age group attendances. As far as I know there are about 8 question to be solved. Once we were done with answering these questions, we were asked to write at least 2 paragraphs arguing why younger people are visiting the cinema a lot more than the start of the cinema's times.

Question 1: What are scales and axes? 
Answer 1: Axes are the two lines which are used to show the amount of data on the Y and X axes.
                Scale are lines to show your statistics.

Question 2: Is the data discrete or continuous?
Answer 2: The data is continuous, as it can be measured for as long at time goes.

Question 3: Which age is most likely / unlikely to go to the cinema? - Why?
Answer 3: 

                 Most Likely
                 15 - 24 year olds are most likely to go because of the pattern shown on the graph which shows                      that 15 - 24 year old attendance rises and rises after time.
                 However, 7 - 14 year olds are rising up in numbers near the very end of the chart, meaning that                    there is the potential for 7 - 14 year olds to just make it to the top.
                 Most Unlikely
                 25 - 34 year olds, as well as 35 year olds and older seem to be both the lowest on the chart. 
                 The reason as to why they have been put together, is that we think that a few years after the chart
                 ends, that they would have met around the same numbers.

Question 4: In which year was attendance the highest for 25 - 34 year olds?
Answer 4: In between 1996, and 1997.

Question 5: What happened in 1992 and in 1994 with 15 - 24 year old attendance?
Answer 5: That the attendance had dropped ecstatically.

Question 6: What would we predict the cinema admission for 2005 to be?
Answer 6:

                 15 - 24 year olds - 54 percent.

                 7 - 14 year olds - 51 percent.

                 25 - 34 year olds - 38 percent.

                 35 years old and over - 24 percent.

Question 7: How else could this data be displayed?
Answer 7: Bar graph.

Question 8: What newspaper headline could you use for an article based on younger kids visiting the                               cinema more 
Answer 8: The Youngsters Have Struck Back!


Friday, 1 June 2018

Tech: DigiTech Session 1

This week for tech, we began on our first session of DigiTech for the year 7's. Ms Anderson is our DIgiTech teacher, and she is really nice, with a great personality. This term for DigiTech, we are focusing on coding an animated story with Scratch. A small but large website that allows you to make billions of coded item. For instance games, animations, and more. Although before heading into that, we played a small game that included basic coding. It was based on the Disney animated movie Moana. I have not seen this movie, but know the small details about it. In this game, our task was to make it to a certain position through coding our way through. There were 19 levels to play through, although most people made it through around 11 levels, although I made it through 15. We all had a lot o fun for our first session of DigiTech, and I personally can't wait to begin on our Scratch project, as I know how to code with it. I hope that session 2 has even more to bring.

Thursday, 31 May 2018

Maths: Cinema Attendance

This week for maths, our rich task was about how many people attended the cinema throughout it's time. We had to answer a few questions, and were shown a line graph for reference of cinema attendance. There were 7 questions altogether, and some of them were tricky to answer. Although in the end the task was completed. After answering all of these questions, we then were asked to write at least 2 paragraphs like an article that talked about our opinion of why T.V had killed the cinema. Our final task was to then make a DLO showing our questions and answers, and including our paragraphs. This task could either be done alone, or with a partner, so for this activity, I worked with Carl. We had quite a bit of fun with this activity, and found this task both hard and relatively simple.



Inquiry: Ruler Reflexes

This week for inquiry, we learnt about human reactions. We had a small challenge that included simply a ruler, a
partner, and our reactions. Our task was to attempt to grab a ruler as fast as possible. We were given 3 different
reactions to test. Visual, where we had to grab the ruler just by watching it. No count down, go or anything. Next
was aural, where we had to close our eyes, and where only told "GO" for when we could attempt to grab the
ruler. No countdown, no looking, no touching, just a simple go. Finally, was touch. We closed our eyes, no words,
just a tap on the shoulder letting us know when to grab. The partner that I was given was Tiava, and we had a lot
of fun working together. What we needed to do next was graph our data. Although to make it even better, we
were to group up with another pair and graph all of our data in one big graph. So for this, we chose to work with
Sanujan and John. Once we had graphed all 4 of our data, it turned out that to our surprise, that the graph showed Sanujan was the best at test 3. The graph also showed that Sanujan was also the best at test 2. Finally at test 1, the graph showed that John was the best. When putting all of our data together as an average, it turned out that we were the best at test 3, followed by test 2, and ending at test 1. Although once we were done with that graph, we also needed to create another graph showing our speeds. To do that, we used a site that included the times for how long it would take to catch the ruler for each centimetre, as it picked up speed. We had a lot of fun all working together, and in the end, made a pretty great graph.

Tiava Hypothesis: I think that I will be best at Test 2, because I think that signals to the brain will be faster than
sight, or touch.
Jack Hypothesis:  I think that I will be best at Test 1, because I think that my eyes will signal my brain faster than
anything else.

Test 1

Test 2

Test 3

Test 1 Results
Test 2 Results
Test 3 Results
Test 1
Test 3


I found this interesting, as my hypothesis was for test 1 to be the one I was best at, but instead it was test 3 that I
was the best at. Meaning that my hypothesis was incorrect. I must’ve been incorrect because I didn’t realize that
I sent signals to my brain faster through touch that sight. Although there is a chance of it being just a one off

I found this surprising because my hypothesis was for test 2, but I excelled at test 1. I think that my hypothesis
was incorrect because my body and brain reacts faster when I can visual see the ruler drop than hear the word

Kiwisport: 3 Session Of Rippa Rugby

Today, we had kiwisport. This week for rippa rugby, we did a whole bunch of things. The first thing we did was simply play a game of octopus with rippers. We had played 3 games of this altogether, and we had an incredible amount of fun. The next activity we did was a few real games of rippa rugby. There were 3 teams altogether, so there always needed to be a team on he side line. For the last activity, we got into our groups, and had a little passing challenge. We needed to run in groups of 3, 1 person in each group. Then we would pass that ball to the person to our right. We did this a few times, until the session came to an end. We had a lot of fun in this activity, and the others, and I personally cannot wait for the next session.

Poetry: Charlotte Anne DLO

This week for poetry, our task was to answer a few questions about the poem  The Waitakere Ballads about Charlotte Anne. A women who didn't take anything from other people in the 1870's. She was one of the little women that wore jeans, as everyone knew that women were meant to wear large dresses. This was a group task, so I worked with Sanujan, Mele, and Marieta. Although as an extra task, we also were asked to create a DLO that showed what life was like in the 1870's, by using our smart searching skills. These DLO's can be found on the last slide of the presentation. We all had a lot of fun with this task, and enjoyed working together as a group.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Maths: Fence Post Problem

Today during maths we were to finish off tasks we did not finish either this week's tasks, or the previous weeks tasks. In this problem we needed to find out how many corner posts and regular posts would Savelina have to buy to enclose two adjacent paddocks. We found this task quite easy and hard at the same time because there were some bits that we struggled with, like writing a blurb in the DLO. Although in the end we solved it. We learnt a new word, adjacent. It means something or someone next to each other. For this activity, I worked with Fraidoon, Sanujan, and Ofa.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Maths: Money Problem

This week for maths we are busy finishing off work and posting it on our blog. For one of our maths task we were given a maths problem about salary. I worked collaboratively with Sanujan, Ofa and Julian. At first we were doubting each other of which answers we were right or wrong. Then we went over the maths problem with Ms Kirkpatrick. At the end we were all wrong but we learnt a lesson by Occam Razor that If there is no evidence to the contrary, the simplest answer is correct. In this problem we tried to add up all the big numbers without using the calculator and and after we've got our answers it turned out to be right. I think next time we need to agree with each others opinions.

Maths: Ways To Travel To School | Maths Problem

This week for maths, our task was to figure out this statistics problem. We found out that most primary students get to school is by car and most secondary student get to school by bus. After that we survey all the students in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group. According to our survey most of the student in Ms Kirkpatrick's maths group get drop of school by car and the least amount of students come to school by bus. For this task I've decided to work collaboratively with Sanujan and Ofa.

Monday, 21 May 2018

Writing: Using Our Punctuation To Create A Conversation

This week for writing, our task was to create a fake iphone conversation using With this website, you can simply create a fake conversation. The reason why we did this was because we were going over our punctuation, and this would be a fun excersice. Once we had finished creating this, we were to write the conversation down in a story format. Meaning that after each sentence, whenever someone new began to speak, what they say will be on a new line. This was an individual task, but a really fun one.

"Hey Michael!" Karma exclaimed.
"Hey Karma." Michael replied.
"How are you man?" Karma asked.
"Good thank you, how about you?" Michael replied.
"Great! Do you want to hang out with Willis and I?" Karma questioned.
"Sure, when and where are we meeting?" Michael asked.
"Meet us at Central Park at 12:30." Karma informed.
"Ok, see you there." Michael said.
"Ok, seeya." Karma replied

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Maths: Mathematical Me

This week for maths, our task was to blog one of the pictures we had taken for week 1's Mathematical Me activity. The picture that I chose was Sanujan testing whether the width of my nose is the same width as one of my eyes. This turned out to be a true fact, and Sanujan and I found this really interesting considering that everyone else had been measuring from one edge of someones nose, to the point of the nose, and finishing on the other side. Although whenever someone measured this way, it would always be false. So when we realised this, we tried to measure the width from one side of my nose, under the point of my nose to the other side. Once we had tried this strategy, we found out that this was the correct way to compare the width of an eye to a nose, and that they measure at the same width.

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Poetry: Two Day Wonder Re-written

This week we had yet another session of poetry. For this session of poetry we read the poem, Two Day Wonder, by David Hill. This poem shows the differences between feeling sick, and feeling well. This poem included a lot of words that quite a lot of people would never use when writing. So changes needed to be made. Our task was to re write the poem in our own words. Although the poem needed to compare going to school on a day of summer, comparing to going to school on a day of winter, and needed to include more sophisticated words. This was a collaborative task, so I worked with Fraidoon and Sanujan.

I struggle to wake up, as I resist to get out of my warm bed.
I was stuck in the rain yesterday, now I have a fever, and a boiling head.

I dawdle through the icy smooth floor, chuck on my uniform, and go to boil the kettle.
I felt like I slept for days, maybe I’ll even get a sleeping medal.

I chuck on my bag, and scurry my way out the door.
I need to get to school fast, because I make it back home at quarter past four!

I have half an hour left, so I need to run.
Although I forgot my lunch, looks like I need to purchase a cinnamon bun.

As I leapt out of my bed I hear the birds carolling and chirping away.    
The bright leaves rush and gush in the breeze as they sway.

The sun peered over me like it was just waiting to give me a hug.
I say hello, stride to the kitchen, and boil the jug.

I assemble and eat my breakfast, and prepare to brush my teeth.
I then walk outside, and put up the christmas wreath.

Then I kiss my mum goodbye and dash my way to school.

But I make sure to check my bag, because that’s the school day rule.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Inquiry: Making The Human Body

This week for inquiry, our task was to learn about the bone structure of a human, and how the skeletal system works. So as a fun activity for this, we were asked to play a small game where you would match all the bones together to make the human body. The best score that you could get was 26, so if you had to move bones more than 26 times, you wouldn't get a perfect score. I played the game a few times, and after many times accidentally clicking a bone without moving it, I finally got a perfect score.

Friday, 11 May 2018

Reading: Harry's War DLO's

This week for reading, we read the story Harry's War. We read this story with my reading group, and had a few DLO's to create. 1. A vocabulary DLO that showed all the new words in the story, 2. an Evaluating DLO that has what we learnt from the text, questions we have after reading, and what the text was about, 3. To create a DLO about the Bulford Kiwi, with different facts, and information about the Bulford Kiwi. For this activity, I worked with Sanujan, Joshua, Jericho, Mataio, Savelina, and Zane.

Inquiry: Mrs Gren DLO

This week for inquiry, our focus was on the human body. To learn about what a living thing needs, we read a short story named Mrs Gren. Mrs Gren is a simple story about an old lady who find everything to be a living thing, because it could more, or breath, or sense, or grow, or reproduce, or excrete, or eat. Mrs Gren is also an acronym. It is made up of Movement, Respiration, Senses, Grow, Reproduction, Excrete, and Nutrition. All the things a living thing needs, or can do. We were to make a DLO with a partner, that explained each word, and what they mean to the human body. If you do not understand one of the words, you can look at the DLO, which explains each one. For this activity I worked with Sanujan, and we had a lot of fun doing this activity.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Inquiry: Comparing Lung Capacity

This week for inquiry, our task was to compare our lung capacities. To compare the lung capacity of students in LS2, we used one breath to blow up a balloon, then we measured the circumference of the balloon. Then we could graph the results to compare them.