Friday, 7 December 2018

Presenting Our Leader Speeches

For the past 2 weeks, the 2018 year 7's of Panmure Bridge school have been preparing a speech to show that they have the leadership qualities to make them the next leader for 2019. There are 4 roles that a year 7 can take responsibility of, the head student role, Manaiakalani leaders, the sports leaders, and the projector monitor.  I wanted to become head boy or just in case, Manaiakalani leader. This blog post shows an image of my presentation, and includes the entirety of my speech at the very end.

Head Boy Speech

Kia Ora koutou katoa, Ko Toku ingoa ko Jack, Whakaaro ahau he tika ahau mo te upoko ākonga rangatira. My name is Jack, and I believe that I have the leadership qualities to make me your next head boy or Manaiakalani leader for 2019. Ever since my first year at this school, I have looked up to each and every school leader, whilst it was the head students that I looked up to in particular.

Seeing them present every week allowed me to see them as role models that I could follow. I believe that the head student role shows trust, and I think that I hold that trust from both students, and staff. Being trustworthy is a reputation I am proud that I have earnt. Trust is not something that you can ask for, you work for trust, and gain it overtime. Without trust, you are limited in what you can do. Without trust you cannot be seen as a good leader.

I try hard to always follow our CARE values and am always happy to take on responsibility. I enjoy learning and always try my best to set goals for myself so I can try to move my learning to the next level. I think that these qualities make me a great leader. Leading by example is one of the most important parts of being any leader, and I think that I hold that trait well.

I have taken part in both the Summer and Winter Learning Journey multiple times. I have been a part of different teams that involve different challenges and activities. These teams involve our athletics team, and the Robotics team representing our school. I have been available to help both my teachers, and my peers by helping to make a movie for the Manaiakalani film festival, presenting in assembly on behalf of the head students. I have taught Tamaki College students how to draw using Google Drawing. I have taught LS2 how to draw using Google Drawing, and am now helping design different images for the 2019 LS2 Website. I am capable of being an ambassador for Panmure Bridge School, or a part of the Digital Showcase team, and with all of this experience and teamwork I would make a great leader in 2019.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Tutoring Someone Who Needs Help With An Extra Skill

For my next CARE Award activity, for my Attitude, I created a slideshow that showed Ofa's improvement over the year after giving him a helping hand with his art and DLO's. The first slide will show where Ofa began in his soon to be drawing pathway. It all started with a DLO that Ofa needed some assistance with. So what I did was give Ofa a template where he could add his own details. This included a body, facial details, and the option for me to help him at any point of time. After a little while Ofa became more dependant on his ability to have a bunch of creativity. And managed to create this DLO. In this DLO, he only needed me to see what he could change. The final slide shows a single frame of an entire animation that he created himself. It shows the side view of a body explaining how the human body breathes. He can now create digital art on his own, and rarely needs my assistance.

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Created With My Teacher

For the final activity for my Silver Attitude CARE Award, I chose to do the created with my teacher activity. For this activity, what I chose to do was teach my teacher Mrs Anderson. What may that be you may ask? Well I taught Mrs Anderson how to green / blue screen using the iMovie application. This application allows you to as well as green / blue screening different videos and images, create movies. The way I taught her how to edit was by using our class film entry for this year’s Manaiakalani Film Festival. A time to showcase almost every classes learning over the year all throughout Manaiakalani schools. The movie that our class created was a documentary style movie teaching people about the history of the Panmure Bridge. This movie, Alex, Sanujan, Mrs Anderson, Mr Wong and I spent about half of term 3 planning, recording, and editing. It was a lot of fun, and we enjoyed learning about all of the history involved in the Bridge that I cross everyday to get to school. Mrs Anderson had never used iMovie to green / blue screen before, so she wanted to learn how.  Although I did not teach her alone. I had Sanujan by my side making sure that I was directing her correctly. In the end Mrs Anderson was a master at green / blue screening, and added plenty of new touches to make this movie the best it could be. Hopefully next year, we can do an awesome movie like this again.

The Movie Itself

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Leadership Week: Pyramid Building

This week the year 7's were learning about leadership. Leadership means working together talking and having a leader because everything would't be fine without a leader to control and help our teams. l was working with Chavda, Avalon and Neveah. We worked together as a group to complete our challenges set. The first activity challenge we had was to write down and answer the questions we were given. l was the leader of my group and l was trying to help others and tell them if they need help. The next thing we did was go inside the hall and do our next leadership challenge as a group for this activity we needed all of our craft stuff in each groups then we sat away from each groups we had to try and create the biggest pyramid out of coloured paper, Scissors, and White paper. Those were the things we needed for our challenge. The last group challenge we did was we played a game that would help us work as a team this challenge was called tunnel crawling we had to go underneath people's legs and stomach to get to the other side of the hall it was hard put we worked as a team to  lost of the first round the next round we won.  

Sunday, 25 November 2018

Athletics Day

Today, we had our 2018 School Athletics Day. This ran for most of the day, excluding the first block. Throughout the day, groups of at least 5 or 6 would go through different activity stations every few minutes. There were 9 stations in total, and all of them were fun, and energising. This ran through the second block, and almost everyone had a great time. The way that groups were determined was by the colour that was selected. There were 4 colours, and people were randomly put into those groups. My group was the blue team, and I think that we all did a great job, and tried our very best in each station. Although after the second block was over, and lunchtime had finished we ran the sprints. The way this  was run was each class and their year levels would race against each other on the field which was mown down to have different tracks. The 1st 2nd and 3rd winning racers would be given a small plastic cube, coloured differently to show your placement. You would then give your cube to Mrs Anderson, and she would write your name down and you would continue to watch. When it came to the year 7 boys, I was a bit worried. Although I did my best and made it second. Following Julian in 1st, and Aung Naing in 3rd. Overall, I had a fun day, and hope that everyone else felt the same.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Reading: Read Theory Progress

Today for reading, we did an activity based on the improvement we've had throughout our Read Theory journey. Our challenge was to look back at our progress in Read Theory, and create a chart that showed how our grades differed. Then we would create a DLO that explained our progress properly. This activity was not too challenging, although it was fun to see my improvement over the year.

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

CARE Awards: Silver Attitude | Why Is It Important To Have A Positive Attitude?

Today, I completed the next activity for my Silver Attitude CARE Award. For this activity, I had to create a video the showed the importance of having a positive attitude. Although rather than creating a video, I instead created a presentation so that anyone could view it at their own pace. In the presentation, I came up with 3 rules that you should follow to have a positive attitude yourself. If you follow these 3 rules as much as possible then you will be a master of having a positive attitude. I had a lot of fun doing this activity, and I hope that the next activity I choose to do will be not too challenging, although i'm always up for new and exciting activities.