Monday, 18 February 2019

Summer Learning Journey: Prize giving

Last week, we had a special assembly. What made it special was that everyone who participated in the Summer Learning Journey received their prizes. For the assembly, we had Sophie and Hazel from the SLJ team present all of the prizes in front of the whole school. I received a certificate for being a part of the fun, and unfortunately didn't manage to get a full on prize. Although I am very happy with what I got. Luckily, Alex did so well that he didn't only win 1st in our school, but the entire country! I had a lot of fun participating in the Summer Learning Journey, and hope that the Winter Learning Journey will return to Panmure Bridge School.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Maths: Collaborative Challenge

This week for maths, we have been given a word problem to solve in groups. Our question was, "There were 1229 students in the school. If each student received 4 pieces of fruit a week, how many pieces of fruit were handed out?" In my group there was Julian, Giovanni, Alice, Chavda, Nidhi, Angela, Holly, and Miiana. After we had solved the problem, we needed to create a DLO showing our working out. We had a lot of fun working on the DLO, and solving the problem, and we're all glad that we are given a new question every week.

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Writing: Creating A Sketch Note

This week for writing, our task was to create a sketch note with a partner about writing an explanation. A sketch note is a drawing that explains what something is by using arrows and thought bubbles, and other shapes. For this task I worked with Julian, and we had a whole heap of fun thinking and creating. We hope that we can revisit the task of creating a sketch note again. As it is a good thinking exercise, and it allowed us to draw pictures which is something we both love doing.

Inquiry: Role Models And Heroes

This week for inquiry, we have been given a few challenges for us to complete in groups. For this challenge, we needed to create a DLO that showed what a role model and hero is. In my group I worked with Angela, Giovanni Chavda, Nidhi, Alice, Julian, Jayen, and Holly. We all had fun on this activity, and hope we can return to something like it soon.

Inquiry: How To Show That You're A Leader

This week for inquiry, we have been given a few challenges to complete in groups. For this activity, we needed to create a DLO that showed how to be a leader. For this, I worked with Angela, Nidhi, Jayden and Holly. We all had a lot fun in this activity, and we also decided to put a few pictures that we drew into each slide.

Maths: E-ako

Today for maths as a warm up, we created accounts, and played E-ako. A free website to sign up for that helps you with maths by giving you problems to solve. Our challenge was to from the very start go through different courses in 20 minutes, and then blog about our score. I ended up completing 2 courses in that time, which meant that I was answering around 1 word question every 30 seconds as there are around 20 questions in the 2 courses I took. 

Friday, 8 February 2019

Assembly: Presenting For The First Time

Today was the first assembly for Term 1 of 2019 for Panmure Bridge School. This year, I am representing my school as head student, and I am very happy that I will be able to represent the school in many ways. For this weeks assembly, Mele and I spoke in front of the school, Julian and Fui showcased the new design to our school P.E kit, and all 6 leaders received their leadership badges. In my opinion, I thought we spoke really well, and that if we can keep our composure, and speak clearly, then we can become great leaders. After the assembly, photos were taken, and smiles could be seen across all of our faces. I hope that next week, we will have just as much fun as we did today.

Link to my Head Boy speech: Here