Friday, 7 July 2017

Writing: Written And Illustrated Narrative

L.I: To proofread and edit
L.I: to Illustrate the narrative

This week for writing we had to both illustrate our narrative, and make a front a back cover. We have already spend the last few weeks preparing and writing this story, and this week was by far the funnest of writing our stories. We needed to illustrate each paragraph of our story, and had to make sure you could tell what was going on. Below is my story that I both wrote, and illustrated.

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Blurb The Swampness Monster

Chapter 1: Blurb Will Rise
BOOM!! Jack’s body exploded by the toxic slime. Jill and Bailey both started to shoot, as Jill’s bullets sling through the slime that reconnects together each time. Jill knows what she needs to do…
1 Day Earlier
‘Jack!’ Feebee exclaimed, ‘Yeah mum?’ Jack replied. ‘Can you go to the market and use these Rendals to buy some milk and bread darling?’ Feebee questioned. ‘Sure!’ Jack replied. He raced towards his mother, took the tiny copper coins from her hand and started to walk to the local markets. Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 2.12.34 PM.pngHe looked back and waved goodbye to his mum Feebee looking through the glass window. As Jack walked through the market gates, he could smell the butchers fresh meat, with the perfect amount of salt and seasoning. Jack strolled down the pathway, greeting his fellow friends he sees selling items for Rendals.

Jack walked to the dairy section and bought a 1.5 litre container of milk, and a half loaf of bread. While Jack walked back to the gates he saw a stand he’d never seen before. The weaponry stand! Screenshot 2017-06-29 at 2.29.43 PM.pngHe walked towards the stand and asked the old man standing there where he’d come from. This man had no name, his mum and dad divorced before he was born. He was set up for adoption, but no one adopted him. The old man replied to Jack, with his deep soft voice, ‘Would you like to buy a weapon, or give your weapon to me for repair?’ Jack answered ‘No thank you, but if my sister’s gun gets damaged, I’ll tell her about you.’ The old man was silent for a second. He later said, ‘Tomorrow night on Halloween, Blurb The Swampness Monster will rise from his swamp, beware if you dare to go trick or treating, or your body Blurb The Swampness Monster will be eating.’ ‘He’s a giant blob of slime that leaves a trail, his slime resembles the goo from a snail.’ Jack didn’t know what to say, he just said goodbye to the old man and walked back to his cottage.

Chapter 2: Slime Hunters
Jack walks through the door and gives the change to his mum, as well as the bread and milk. He rushes to inform his sister Jill what he was told. ‘SIS... COME HERE, I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU!’ ‘What?’ Jill replied. Jack told her ‘So I went to the market today to get some bread and milk, and there’s a new man with a weaponry stand that told me tomorrow night on halloween, this Blurb slime monster thingy will come from his swamp!’ ‘Really?’ Jill questioned. ‘Yeah, can you believe it!’ Jack answered. So Jill came up with the idea to look for Blurb tomorrow night after trick or treating, and to bring her gun, and super powered dog Bailey. Bailey is a small brown dog, with three eyes, his left eye is thermal vision, his right eye is night vision, and his third, middle eye is his laser eye that shoots out a blue laser. Jill learns magic at a place in the middle of the woods.
Narrative Illistration.png

The next day, 12 hours before the hunt for Blurb, Jack went to the markets again to get some costumes. He found the costume he had been eying down for the last couple of days, a super gory zombie costume, and the perfect costume for Jill. A cop costume, mainly because her gun wouldn’t scare a person from them thinking it’s real. Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.32.25 AM.pngHe rushed through the market gate, and had a quick glance at the weaponry stand. It was empty, but Jack remembered he had to get home fast. So he turned back and ran home, but the thought on why the old man had left stayed in Jack’s head. Once he made it home he gave the cop costume to Jill and explained why he didn’t prank her and get a princess costume instead. The hours passed quickly taking away the time Jack and Jill had to rest and prepare. They put their costumes on, and Jill grabbed the lead to chuck on Bailey so he doesn’t run away. Jack, Jill, and Bailey then walked out the front door, and said goodbye to Feebee and Jeffy, their parents. ‘Stay safe out there!’ Jeffy exclaimed.

Chapter 3: Trick Or Treat Blurb You Will Meet
Jack, Jill and Bailey walk around the street, to find the perfect house. Jill picks up Bailey and put her hand over his third, to try not to freak anyone out. They wandered up to a house, and knocked on the door. ‘Trick or treat!’ Jack and Jill shouted. A young lady opened the door and replied, ‘Hmm… do a trick for me.’ Jill came up with the idea to lift her hand from Bailey’s head to scare her. Jill did so, and the lady thought it was just a fake eye attached to him. So Jill tickled Bailey under his stomach, which every time makes Bailey shoot a small laser. Jack laughed to himself for what was about to happen. Jill pointed Bailey up just in time before he shot a laser through the lady’s house. ZAP!! went the laser. Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 9.27.48 AM.pngSLAM!! The lady shut her door even faster than the laser made it past earth’s atmosphere. Jack and Jill walked away from the house, laughing the hardest they’d ever before. Doooooong!! The grandfather clocks struck twelve in each home simultaneously. Jack and Jill decided to now look for Blurb, before it would be too late.  

They ran to the local swamp, and Bailey used his thermal vision to find Blurb. There was nothing there. ‘WHAT? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!’ Jack shouted. ‘DAMMIT WE GOT LIED TO, making me stay up to 12 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT!’ Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 9.33.46 AM.png‘WAIT!’ Jill exclaimed. ‘LOOK! There’s a trail of blue slime.’ Jack remembered ‘He’s a giant blob of slime that leaves a trail, his slime resembles... the goo from a from a snail?’ THUMP!! ‘Uhhhhhhmmmmm … is it just me or did Bailey do a super sonic FART?! Jill questioned, ‘UMMMMMMMM … WHAT … IS … THAT?!’ Jill saw a huge blue slime trail.

Chapter 4: The Chase Begins
They turned around and saw what they reckoned was Blurb. ‘Stay very very still Jack.’ Jill whispered. A HUGE blue blob of slime stood in front of Jack, Jill and Bailey. They backed away very slowly, hoping that Blurb wouldn’t notice. ‘RUEAAAAAAAH!!’ Blurb shouted. Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 9.39.40 AM.png‘Ummmm, I think this means we run.’ Jill said. Jack replied, ‘Yeah, I agree.’ Jill picked up Bailey, tickled his stomach SO MUCH, that he fired a HUGE laser. It zapped through Blurb completely, disintegrating him into millions of pieces. Jack Jill and Bailey stood victoriously, thinking that was it. It was not, the leftover pieces of Blurb merged together making him bigger, and stronger. The only choice Jack, Jill and Bailey now had was to run.

They ran all the way home, and hid in their basement. Feebee and Jeffy weren’t home though, because they went to watch a movie. Blurb slid under the basement door and screeched at them as loud as a squawking bird. Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 10.14.59 AM.pngRight as Blurb slid under the door, he  ate Jack, leaving him to drown in toxic slime. BOOM!! Jack’s body exploded by the toxic slime. Jill and Bailey both started to shoot, as Jill’s bullets sling through the slime that reconnects together each time. Jill knows what she needs to do… she learnt a spell that can both stun something, and switch souls. She rushed to get her wand she left on the couch in the lounge, and broke through the the basement door. She came in to Bailey shooting his lasers at Blurb.

Chapter 5: A Hero’s Magical Words
This was Jill’s chance, ‘Stun this monster, leave him to be tired, return my brother’s body together, and switch their souls like broken wires.’ These words did exactly what they say. Out of Jill’s magic wand came a laser that stunned Blurb, you could see Jack’s body joining back together, and finally, the souls switched. BANG!! Blurb’s body exploded once again.Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 9.18.28 AM.png ‘JACK!?’ Jill shouted, ‘YOU’RE ALIVE!’ Jill rushed up to give Jack a MASSIVE hug. ‘Well that’s definitely the last time we go trick or treating for a while.’ Jack stated. ‘Oh yeah, that reminds me, how’d your gun hold up during that?’ Jack questioned. Jill pulled her gun out of her pocket, releasing the trigger snapped. ‘Awww, snap. The trigger’s broken.’ Jill said. Jack replied, ‘I know how you can get it fixed.’ ‘How?’ Jill questioned, and so Jack explained that the old man at the market owned a weaponry stand. Jack and Jill told the old man what they had just experienced as he fixed Jill’s gun. ‘Ya know what, for your bravery and passion to save your brother, I’ll repair your gun for free.’

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