Monday, 20 May 2019

Inquiry: Growth Science Experiment

Today Alex, Nyjah, Julian, Victoria, Mele, Giovanni, Fui and I took part in a science lesson from Mrs Wells from Tamaki College. In the lesson, we have started a science experiment that we will work on for the next few weeks. In the experiment, all of us will be using a different type of fertilizer to see the affect in growth on a bean plant. The fertilizers we will be using are Coffee grounds - Mrs Wells, Tea Leaves - Nyjah, Foam Soap - Me, Crushed candy - Giovanni, Salt - Victoria, Mashed Potatoes - Julian, Pear skin - Mele, Baked beans - Alex, and Pencil shavings - Fui. We would like to give a very large thank you to Mrs Wells for visiting us today, and we are very excited to continue on the experiment.

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