Friday, 2 June 2017

Writing: Narrative Plan

L.I: to plan a narrative.

This week for writing we started to plan our next narrative we will write. We had to draw our characters and settings in our story, and then make a setting description for each one. Our prompt we used for this story was about Jack and Jill that kill a monster in the local swamp. I did 7 characters, and 5 settings.

Jack Character: LINK
Jill Character: LINK
Bailey The Super Dog: LINK
Old Man At The Market: LINK
Blurb The Monster: LINK
Feebee Character: LINK
Jeffy Character: LINK

Swamp: LINK
Markets: LINK
Cottage: LINK
Basement: LINK
Lounge: LINK


  1. Greetings Jack i like the way you had alot of ideas and had alot of work.What did you learn while you were doing this activity?

  2. Kia ora Jack it looks like you've achieved your goal at writing Great work Jack keep up the great work.

  3. Greetings Jack it looks like a lot of work but how did you learn