Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Reading: Political Events

This week for reading, our focus was about political events from past Maori history. Our activity was to find information on a website, and put that information on a piece of paper. The information had to be historical, and had to be mostly in our own words. After writing down our information, we had to come up with a question that relates to our information. We would share our question/s to others, and to the teacher as well.

Me and my partner (Alex) came up with these questions:
How long were William Lee Rees's breaks in his 24 hour speech?
Why did New Zealand wait 5 years to rebuild the Parliament Building?
What caused the fire that burnt down the old Parliament Building?

New questions we've come up with:
Why did some men not want woman to vote?
What was William Lee Rees's 24 hour speech about?
Why does a ceremonial mace give authority to Serjeant at arms over the Parliament Building?

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